I am interested in most art forms, but I am particularly passionate about painting and photography. I love to incorporate the beauty of the human figure into my work. As a student in the Art Department of Northern Michigan University I had the opportunity to work with figure models almost every day and I found myself inspired to perfect my ability to draw an accurate likeness. I am fascinated by how different we all are, and yet how very much the same. We all have a story to tell. Perhaps through my art, I am helping to tell a little part of those stories.

I would love to help tell your story. If you would like to commission a portrait of yourself or a family member, a pet, or anything else that is important to you---perhaps a classic car or even your home---send me an email. I am located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you are located in another part of the country, don't hesitate to contact me. I am available for work in any state.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas. I look forward to working with you.


You can also connect with me on Facebook.